Monday, March 7, 2011

Party of Five

You may know us. You may not. Either way, I decided it was time to give you details about our lives. We are a family of five. A family that only three short years ago was simply a husband and wife. We had tried for three long years (ironic, isn't it?) to get pregnant when we were blessed with triplets.

The road to our triplets was a long one, but the road with our triplets is where is gets interesting. Not a day goes by that I think "wow, now that was a boring day". From the day our triplets entered the world, our lives have been turned upside down. We've learned to live with only 45 minutes of sleep a night (I know what you are thinking, oh I remember when my baby slept only 45 minutes at a time...ummm- no I mean literally we got only 45 minutes of sleep TOTAL in a night!), being able to feed three babies at once with only two hands, changing three diapers within 5 minutes of being awake and learning to make space for three at once on your lap.

I know what some of you with multiples are thinking. Yeah, its tough. I remember how hard those days are. Well, let me throw you another curve ball. Autism. I know, its a scary word. Its a word that parents don't want to hear and hate to say out loud. Its something I need to tell you about though, because if you are even wondering if your child could be on the spectrum then you need to hear what I have to say. My plan with this blog is to get the details of my kids lives with Autism out there. I want other parents to hear exactly what we went through to get diagnosed and what happened after that.

Autism effects 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys. Early detection is key and can make a huge difference in the child's life (and the lives around them) that it effects. I hope that by starting this blog, I can help just one other parent get an early diagnosis for their child.


  1. Jamie, My 7 year old great nephew is on the spectrum. His mom (my niece) has been doing a lot of work to get him the services and things he needs. I'm going to send her the link to your blog and maybe it would be helpful for both of you to connect. Your beautiful kids remain in my thoughts and prayers as always. This will be an amazing reasource for others. You are a wonderful mother Jamie.

  2. I agree with Anna, this will be a great resource for others. I am glad you are willing to share this adventure with everyone. It is so exciting to see the progress each child is making on a daily basis !


  3. Jamie you are so brave to open yourself up and your family to this blog. I beleive you will touch many lives. This will be very rewarding, and will help get you through all your trials.
    Live strong

    We love you,
    Tom & Pauline